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The Next Crisis Isn’t Waiting for
You to Prepare

If you are

  • A mid to high-level leader in the US Military or Government
  • A C-suite Executive
  • A member of any state or local public safety organization
  • Or a student planning for a career as a leader…

Do you recognize the need for extreme preparation?

The reality is most leaders aren’t ready because they can’t imagine what the next crisis will look like.

They’ve never been tested under fire or exposed to high-pressure and high-stakes leadership.

But that crisis is coming, whether you’ve prepared or not.

And one day, you might wake up on an ordinary Tuesday….and you won’t know it, but the stakes will be high.
By the end of the day, with no warning, you’ll be facing a challenge you could never have envisioned.
Imagine your most stressful day on the job; think of how many decisions, memos, phone calls, and people in and out of your office you get on that day…then multiply that by 1,000. Imagine yourself with that responsibility on your shoulders. And know that someday, you won’t have to imagine it because it will be your reality. It’s vital to prepare NOW because by the time you realize you’re in a worst-case scenario, it’s too late.

And Your Team Needs You to Step Up

When the next crisis comes, do you want to be the leader who inspires unwavering trust and who everyone immediately turns to or the one everyone second guesses? Do you want to be the leader who takes the reins and guides their team calmly and with confidence or the one fumbling through unprepared?

The answer is clear.

And people need someone they can look to in a crisis.
We need leaders who are expert communicators, especially when lives are at risk.
We need leaders who can write a plan and execute that plan, even under the utmost pressure.
We need leaders who can adapt and flex to new conditions if the plan doesn’t meet the need.
And to be this leader, you need to…

Prepare Yourself For What You Won’t Believe Comes Next

Because sure, you can become this leader and gain these skills through trial and error, but that means risking thousands of lives, dollars, and your reputation. Or you can try to become this leader through books and academic theory, but good luck implementing that into a real-life high-pressure situation. The one way to learn the tools you need to be fully prepared for a crisis is through hands-on, front-line training with real-world examples. And because of this, I’ve compiled everything I’ve learned from protecting Presidents, working for elected leaders at the state, local, and national levels, and organizing the national responses to multi-faceted disasters and a global pandemic and created this resource for you, the next generation of leaders.

Learn from One of America’s Top Crisis Leaders

Leading During Crisis is built on situations that Pete has encountered throughout his career, including the personal and professional challenges of leading two complicated organizations in the unforgiving political environment of Washington, DC, during a pandemic that coincided with the busiest hurricane and wildfire season on record.

  • You will be armed with the exact tools, skills, and knowledge you need to be that leader who everyone looks to in the moment of crisis.
  • You will be given a map and compass that will help you navigate the crisis battlefield and guide you through understanding your role, exactly what is at stake, and the most common crisis minefields to avoid.

So if you’re ready to become the leader you’re meant to be, take a look inside the course:

01 Module

Defining a Crisis

I have experience leading through some of this country’s toughest times…but not every crisis looks the same. Here you’ll discover my background and exactly what a crisis could look like for you.

02 Module

Foundations of Success

You can’t be a great leader without an unshakeable foundation. From your reputation to your network, to the priorities you set, we’ll get into the habits of every successful leader.

03 Module

Understanding the Problem and Driving to the Outcome

When you’re in a crisis, clarity is critical. We'll review the exact steps you need to take while panic is circulating around you. And you'll also learn what not to do to keep you out of hot water.

04 Module


Integrity is increasingly difficult to maintain in a crisis. But with the right knowledge and foundation, you can be the admired leader with credibility, competency, and confidence.

05 Module


Nothing in this course has a shelf life, and every crisis can be overcome. To wrap up, discover how to develop a warrior mindset and know that you will always prevail.

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My organization hired Pete to discuss the challenges he faced in the various roles he has held.  I wanted to see how I could improve as a leader with his help.  He was able to describe navigating serious issues by practical means and he shared with us how he reached the decisions that he came to.  I was able to take away from the talk, more tools to help solve problems that arise, problems that are either predicted or unexpected.  I highly recommend his services to any organization.

Michael Cranson,
Fire Chief, Town of Nantucket, MA

Pete Gaynor’s, Leadership During Crisis training is time well invested. The course addresses the challenges faced during a crisis and the difficult decisions needed to navigate what may be unchartered and unprecedented circumstances. Peter’s experience leading the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Department of Homeland Security, a state, and a local emergency management agency as well as serving in the Marine Corps provides him the experience and understanding of the issues facing those called upon to lead through a crisis.

Michael J. Mulhare,
P.E., Associate Vice President, Public Safety, 
Virginia Tech

Pete has the sort of easy grasp of crisis leadership which has been forged by experience. He has a laser like ability to dissect a problem and start to coalesce a solution and a team and once you have heard him speak it will change your thinking, approach and philosophy to crisis leadership and emergency planning. Some people you want on your team, I’d like Pete to be leading it but if I can’t have that I will settle for mentoring. He has genuinely impacted how I manage and lead.

LtCol Steve Johnson,
SO-1 Counter CBRN Policy and Assurance, British Army

Meet Your Instructor

Pete Gaynor is the Senior Vice President and Director of the National Resilience Response and Recovery Programs, GEI Consultants Inc.  On January 11, 2021, Pete was designated as the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security by President Donald J. Trump. The U.S. Senate officially confirmed Mr. Gaynor to be the FEMA Administrator on January 14, 2020. Previously, he served as the Senate-confirmed Deputy FEMA Administrator.
--During his time at FEMA, he led the agency’s response to more than three hundred presidentially declared emergencies and major disasters.
--During the historic year of 2020, Pete oversaw FEMA’s first-ever operational response to a nationwide pandemic while simultaneously responding to a record number of disasters.

--As a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Pete directed FEMA’s operational coordination for the whole-of-Government response to COVID-19.
--In 2020, in addition to leading the COVID-19 response, Pete led the federal response to the most active Atlantic hurricane season in history, with a record of thirty named storms as well as directing the response to a historic West Coast wildfire season.
Prior to FEMA, he led emergency management agencies for the State of Rhode Island and the City of Providence.
--Prior to his experience as an emergency manager, Mr. Gaynor served for 26 years as an enlisted Marine and Infantry Officer in the United States Marine Corps leading Marines around the globe and under the most challenging and adverse circumstances.
--Gaynor received a bachelor’s degree in history from Rhode Island College and a master’s degree in national security and strategic studies from the Naval War College in Newport, RI. He is also a graduate of the Center for Homeland Defense and Security’s Executive Leaders Program.

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  • Complete Lifetime Access to the Program
  • Downloadable Audio Files for Each Lesson
  • Lifetime Access to Digital Downloads
  • 5 Modules of Course Content
  • 23 Video Lessons
  • Certificate of Completion (5 CEUs)
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